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  • Rumit Sahni

    Hi I have installed the plugin but website is running very slow with the plugin takes long time to load a page example
    homepage –
    example page using shortcode for super rss-

    Rv Shows news

    Let me know if you have solution.

    Hi Rumit,

    The page loads quickly on my side and I see no issue.
    The RSS feed is cached. So every 12 hours, when the cache expires, the first load may take time. Subsequent load will be from cache and it will be very fast.



    Is there a way to load / cache automatically, or is there any other setting, perhaps with my hosting I could improve to increase load times?

    Hi Fox,

    The plugin caches all the RSS feed for 12 hours automatically.
    You can however decrease this time using special code.

    The page being slow is highly unlikely unless you have
    1) decreased the cache duration
    2) load thumbnail from the rss feed link directly.

    Let me know more details on where and how the slowness is derived.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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