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    I am using your wonderful, great plugin SHORTCODER as a CSS “template” to output some data in the style I want it

    Here is the example of my “template”
    The shortcodes prt01 – prt 07 contain HTML inline css style code

    [sc name="prt01"]

    [sc name="prt02"]

    [sc name="prt03"]

    [sc name="prt04"]

    [sc name="prt05"]

    [sc name="prt06"]

    [sc name="prt07"]

    Then I fill in text in my “template” in the example below I name it my text 01 – 06
    In reality I fill in data I want to show on my web page later
    Each set of “my text 01 – 06” I save as a new SHORTCODE to use it later in my web page elementor short code section

    [sc name="prt01"]
    my text 01
    [sc name="prt02"]
    my text 02
    [sc name="prt03"]
    my text 03
    [sc name="prt04"]
    my text 04
    [sc name="prt05"]
    my text 05 = url
    [sc name="prt06"]
    my text 06
    [sc name="prt07"]

    An example of the real web page on my website is found here

    I will have some 50 shortcodes based on that “template”

      My question

    I would need the data I am writing in my text 01 – 06 manually at other locations on my web site too

    Is it possible to save and retrieve that data other than creating for each one a own SHORTCODE which would result in some 300 more shortcodes and that would make the management of all these shortcodes quite tiresome and unorganized

    Do you have an idea of how to solve that problem


    1) I would be a very useful feature to allow several values in one shortcode
    Such as
    1 Title
    x values (probably: x = 1 – 9)


    2) Allow groups of Shortcodes to better manage large amounts of shortcodes

    Thanks again for such a superb and helpful plugin


    Hi Anton,

    Thanks for using Shortcoder. Happy that you like the plugin.

    So as I can understand, you will be creating multiple shortcodes for the text “my text 0x” which has to be used elsewhere.

    So my suggestions are

    1) Utilize “custom parameters”
    i.e Create 1 shortcode, have placeholders in them and change the value when you are using them in posts/pages. See below page for the documentation.
    b) (shortcode enclosed content)

    2) Manage multiple shortcodes by assigning tags using which you can filter.

    Regarding your proposal, I’m happy that you have taken time and have shared it with me. I’ll sure evaluate and consider them based on the multiple user requests and efforts needed from my side to implement the same.

    For now please do try above suggestions which I think would be helpful.


    Marking this as resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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