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    Hi, sorry to bother you 🙂 – could you see a first glance what its missing here mate? – this is a code inserted in a pop-up calling up a shortcode created with shortcoder. (its called with the right name) which were working perfectly but without, as far as I know, having done anything to it myself, now its not longer working. May I have delete a caracter or something and may you are able to noticed just with a very quick look…. Thanks so much if you are able to help in anyway. Here is the code: ——

    [easy_media_download2 url=”” text=”Puedes Descargarla” width=”150″ height=”30″ border=”2″ border_color=”#ffffff bg_color=”#c00000″ hover_bg_color=”#86B71D” force_dl=”1″]

    And to the call the “download button” in the popup I am using this:
    [sc name="download"]

    I meant, the business card shows but the button to downloaded below it, which is what shortcoder should call, no longer appears
    To see it live if needed, just go to and press “contacto page”

    Any ideas?, nothing has been done to the website, all plugings are active etc etc… Thanks 🙂

    Hi Jesus,

    Thanks for using Shortcoder.

    As I understand, the shortcode “easy_media_download2” works but the shortcode [sc name="download"] is not working.

    Can you please share a screenshot of the shortcode edit page and the location where the shortcode is inserted ?

    Also your website is not opening up. Please do let me know further on this.



    Can you please udpate on this ?


    Jesus Piano

    Hi, this is getting confusing 🙂

    I just replied an elaborate answer but didnt went through. Now Im “repeating” (luckuly I copy and pasted) but when I try to reply again using my last answer, its says “error, this its a duplicate” but them the original its not here either…

    No way. DEFINITELY, it does not let me re-reply but neither it shows my original reply with images and everything…

    I am NEXT going to “paste my answer” and modify it a bit to see if it goes sent this time that way

    Jesus Piano

    No, it does not let me post claming its a duplicate post, DESPITE, I modified the original answer. Im not going to write it all from scratch to get the same answer for 4th time 🙂

    Is there anywhere I can send you the reply?
    I mean, obviously to your email I noticed cant be replyed. I know that because I reply to you the very first day long ago… so its pointless also 🙂

    What should I do? Thanks 🙂

    *On the other hand, Im being able to post, its obvious, I can see it as its happening right here right now hahahahaha

    Jesus Piano

    Hi,I think I start to understand whats going on now…. I got an email from you sometime ago with the exact same words. I replied to said email inmediately to later realise it was an address not to be sent emails so I thought it really was not support about. Im going to try copy and paste my answers to said email….

    However, I think my website has a “barrier” (webhoster thing, not mine) to prevent access from some countries, I dont know if its your case and honesly I dont understand why they do that. They claim its safer somehow for whatever reasons… Im so sorry about that. But I can get them to temporarily remove this if you need so. Try once more please

    Here its the email I sent you:

    Hi and thanks for answering so fast. My website should open no problems and then the download button should show (always have) in the lightbox, under the “visit card” when you press “the contact button” on the menu, within any page on the website

    Here is the popup window with the two views for you to see it (normal view and html) and here is the screanshot of your shortcoder

    but like I say, the strange thing is that was working fine from day 1 and off the sudden, with no changes AT ALL to the website stopped. Thanks again 🙂


    Hi Jesus,

    Sorry for the inconvienence.

    I just noticed that your reply was caught as spam for some reason.

    I have approved it now.

    Looking at the shortcode I see that the “easy_media_download2” shortcode has a typo/syntax error.
    The border color attribute is missing a “double colon”


    Jesus Piano

    Hi Aakash, thanks 🙂

    I can see why maybe was sent to the bin folder. As it was so many images and was not looking like being loaded I hit “submit” several times and that was maybe the reason

    Anyhow, thanks, I has acted accordingly putting that double colon but no changes in regards of showing up on the webiste. However, it could be – Im not very good at this things 🙂 – that could be a “cache issue”, meaning the problem could now be sorted but I dont think. I think the problem persist. Or I cannot see it sorted if I look to the page now despite I havent opened said page on my browswer from several days ago

    *I would dare to say – but Im not sure at all to be honest – that said missing double colom probably was missing from the start. Maybe not 🙂 – as the most funny thing is that being this a very “static” website, once I done it, and until I receive more things to update the website with, its one of this website you got no much about to update them with if you know what I mean.
    And this is really what got me confused about it. I leaved one day with this working and was not working the following time I look at it – few days later, without any changes in between whatsoever. As far as I can remember anyway 🙂

    Are you able to see it live or perhaps are you in one of the places I mentioned my webserver – for whichever the reason – they got the pass unallowed to?

    Thanks once again 🙂

    Hi Jesus,

    I see the shortcode is printed as is without being executed.

    This will happen when there is no plugin to “execute” the shortcode. In your case there is no plugin to execute a shortcode with the name “easy_media_download2”

    Can you please check with the plugin author from where you copied the “easy_media_download2” shortcode ?


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