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      hey! first post evar!

      anyhow, I’ve got an issue with WP Socializer on WP 3.0.1.

      trying to view settings of socializer it doesn’t render the page.. the only way it will render is by clicking the add-this tab, and at that time ALL tabs are displayed as a page in a huge scroll.

      I think its an issue with the tabbing, but can’t be sure.



      I think, it is just a mistake with loading jQuery for the admin page.

      The tabs are powered with jQuery framework. If it is not loaded properly all the tabs will be visible.

      Please link a screenshot of the buggy admin page.


      that would make sense.

      here’s the admin panel with socializer up.

      I tried the admin page in most of the old and new browsers and it seemed to work well for me.

      What browser u r using (with version) ?

      Can you collapse the wordpress side menus when you are in WP Socializer admin page ?

      What is your screen resolution ?

      Do you use any admin page related plugin ?

      Try WP Socializer admin page in “Blue admin color scheme” (Users->Your Profile)

      Try deleting the cache

      Try reloading the admin page

      Try in other browsers



      Replace the following JS and CSS files with the files present in the wp-socializer folder. Please spend some time in checking this out.

      You will get a no of alerts when opening the admin page -> this is very important. The bug lies only here

      JS file :

      CSS file:

      Upload the above files to wp-content/plugins/wp-socializer/

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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