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    I wonder if I can retrieve a value of specific custom parameter?

    For example:

    Shortcode name: list-of-urls



    Can I do something like this:

    [sc name="list-of-urls" parameter="url1"]

    which would return myURL1

    Obviously “parameter=” doesn’t work – so I wonder if there’s a way to call this attribute?


    Hi Leo,

    I custom parameters does not work that way. They are used to replace the placeholder tags in the shortcode content with the parameters you pass to the shortcode.

    The text after : (colon) indicates the default value if no parameter is sent.

    They cannot be used to fetch anything.

    If I understood correctly on what you are trying to achieve, in your case you can create different shortcodes with different URLs as shortcode content and use the respective shortcode when you would need that URL in posts/pages.


    Leo B

    Hi Akashi,

    Thanks for the clarification!

    Yes, multiple shortcodes work also great for me. I started with this – but then thought I’d ask if there’s an option to use a single shortcode.

    Your plug-in is a great help to store site-wide global values and then use the shortcodes as dynamic link values in Elementor.

    I’ll make sure to donate shortly, too.


    Thanks Leo !
    Happy to hear. Please do rate the plugin.

    I’ll mark this case resolved.

    Leo B


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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