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      Hi, first of all this is a GREAT plugin, been using it on my site for a while now so thank you very much for it! The one question I have is how do I input HTML and have it keep the formatting I’ve already set? If I copy and paste the HTML into the announcer box and click save it screws up all the HTML and fails the W3C markup validation. For instance, I have a table in my announcement with 3 columns and no DIVs. I have multiple
      tags but when I save the HTML in announcer it inserts a bunch of random DIV tags into the code and changes all the
      tags to regular

      Code I put in the announcer box:

      Code that is outputted by announcer:

      As you can see, the code that is outputted is really sloppy, basically I would like to input HTML and have the Announcer output be identical to the code I put in. Is this possible?

      Thanks again!

      Actually, the default editor does not accept html tags. But it accepts, the full table. Inorder to work, do the following

      Go to this page:

      Copy the entire table.

      Paste it in the Announcer content box and save it thats all…




      Thanks for the reply, but that didn’t change anything, the outputted HTML is still really sloppy and causing issues with W3C validation:

      Outputted HTML copy/pasting from the link you provided:

      Is there a way you could set it up like WordPress where there is both a visual editor and a raw HTML editor? I think that would solve the issue


      Still waiting for a solution for this. Thank you.

      Use the current version v2.1, it has the feature to enter your own custom HTML code.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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