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  • Hi Everyone !

    Thanks for using Shortcoder plugin.

    As some users have reported, there is a corner case issue during v4.x to v5.x plugin upgrade.

    The effects of the issue will be script and style tags will be stripped during the migration.


    This can happen when in any case when v5.x was first installed if any user example with “author” or below role had logged in first to the site, then migration stripped the script and style tags as the user does not have posting content with script and style tags.

    Because of this issue, since script/style tags were removed the content inside them were printed plainly.

    FIX IN V5.0.4:

    Some users have reverted back to v4.6 temporarily because of above issue. Now this issue is handled in v5.0.4 and correct content will be now set for the shortcodes without any script/style tags being stripped. Any manual changes made to shortcode content after v5.x be overwritten with content of v4.x

    Since this issue is now handled, I kindly request users to try this version v5.0.4 once and confirm if it fixes your issues.


    Yes, v5 is inevitable as there is a very basic issue with the way shortcodes are saved in old v4.x. There is a restriction in how many shortcodes can be created and the length of the shortcode content. This is a big issue fixed in v5.0. Also planning to introduce few more new features in the future.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks to users who reported the issue in quickly.

    Cheers !


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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