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    I was delighted to see that this plugin had been updated as I have been using it for years, despite warnings that it had not been updated for some time. Although the changelog said it was a new version, I had hoped that it would be backwards compatible or, if not, that details of the changes would be documented along with instructions on how to adapt to the new version.

    Alas this does not seem to be the case. When I updated to the new version I found that I had lost all my stored announcements. Drat! Prudently, I have moved to the new version only on my test site and still have old announcements and their configuration details stored in my live site. So next I tried to replicate the announcement on my live site on my test site.

    Here is the announcement on my live site, using the old version of Announcer:


    As you can see it is embedded in the page which is achieved by using the ‘above title’ position option.

    I have been unable to work out how to do this with the new version where the announcement appears above my web page – see


    Can you help?
    a) with the positioning
    b) with retrieving my stored announcements created with the previous version.

    Hi @aenea,

    Apologize for no backward compatibility.
    The older announcer data still exists in the DB but they are not migrated.

    Since announcer was not updated for 5 years, my assumption was that there are no active users. Hence the decision.

    New version is rewritten from the scratch considering modern trends.

    In the modern trends, announcements are positioned to the top and bottom of the page instead of inside the content hence the option to inline the announcement with the content is not there. I thought based on the user requirement it can be added and you have requested it already 😀

    1) Right now please stay with announcer v3.0 itself and once “inline positioning” is available I’ll request to upgrade.

    2) Also please note that the announcements will still won’t be automatically migrated in the future version as there are no old users for the plugin. Before you upgrade, you can make a note of all the announcements and copy paste them manually into the new one.

    Thanks for using announcer for the time sharing your feedback.



    Thanks for the prompt response.
    I have restored version 3 on my test site and delighted to see that no harm has been done to the announcements previously created.

    I’ll await your announcement of the inline positioning option and try the new version again then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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