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  • Leonide Principe

    I feel my workflow to be too much cumbersome. I dont know if I miss something…
    I use Shortcoder to with caption and metadata of photographs, lot of photographs.
    On a first moment, when I just have text, was ok. My info in text editor, create a shortcoder, and include in right design location.
    But when I included a thumbnail in my info, things complicated a little bit. I have lot of mechanical clicks, to change editor, edit in custom editor and back to visual editor… I confess you this is tiring, because I am dealing with thousand of images.
    To fix a typo, I have to start again all the process.
    Please, give me a solution, or say me that you are releasing an update that can do the service just with the Guthemberg editor.
    Thank you for helping, Leo

    Hi Leonide,

    Thanks for using Shortcoder PRO.

    You can select “custom editor” and leave it as is. You do not want to change to “visual editor”.

    The shortcode content is picked based on the “type of editor”.
    If the editor is set as “custom editor”, then shortcode content is picked as per the custom editor.
    You do no need to change “custom editor” to visual back again.

    There is also an option to pull content back and forth between visual editor and custom editors.
    You will find the “import” box on the side panel to pull the content.

    Custom Editor

    Please do let me know if I misunderstood your query or your usecase is different.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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