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  • Dennis Bareis

    The error message doesn’t display the name of the shortcode that doesn’t exist. Please make it do so 🙂

    In this case I’m trying to invoke shortcode “b” from shortcode “a”:

    [sc name="%%ScName%%"][/sc]
    Use of: A:
    [sc name="a" ScName="b"][/sc]

    Basically, all or part of the shortcut name comes from passed parameters, I’m wanting to do this to reduce the number of shortcuts I need to create…

    If I made a mistake in the above very simplified examples then oops, either way I just want to know if it is supported.

    Dennis Bareis

    Don’t worry about the 2nd part (my question), it does work, just made an ‘oops’ 🙂

    Sure, I can add the name of the shortcode name passed when not found.

    Usually users know what shortcode they have inserted, so the comment was not descriptive. I’ll add this change in next version.

    Dennis Bareis

    Excellent, thanks, it is a bit harder if 2 or more shortcodes are involved… I also found one when examining the html with chrome debugger, it’s painful to work out which one it applies to.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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