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    I have just done the migration but not all shortcodes of the previous version are moved to the new one.
    In the past, someone has already tried the upgrade but then has rolled it back.
    When I upgraded today I suspect that I see the situation as it was at that time (18 shortcodes instead of more than 30).
    How we can redo the migration of shortcodes ?

    Thank you

    Hi @inki5538,

    Thanks for contacting. This should not happen. Seems strange since all known issue have been fixed couple of years before.

    Old data is still present so no worries there.
    Right now there is no manual way to restart the migration as it is done only once. I must login and check the issue live.

    Can you please create a temporary admin user and share me the website URL and the credentials to my contact form below ?


    You can make use of the plugins like if needed.



    Hello, I worked around in this way:

    • exported in JSON in 4.x,
    • cleaned up the 4.x shortcode list,
    • upgraded to 5.x
    • clean up the 5.x shortcode list (deleting from trash),
    • converted the export in CSV using,
    • removed the 5.x and then installed it again,
    • imported the CSV via WP All Import plugin as explained on your site.

    Now I have another question, in function php I have this custom code:

    add_filter( 'do_shortcode_tag','pre_query_mssql_execute',10,3);
    function pre_query_mssql_execute($output, $tag, $attr)
        if (isset($attr['name']) && strpos($attr['name'], 'query_mssql') !== false)    {
            $a = get_option( 'shortcoder_data' );
            $shortcode_content = $a[$attr['name']]["content"];			
            $output = query_mssql_execute($shortcode_content,$attr);

    Now it is clear that get_option is the old way to retrieve the shortcode content.
    How I can retrieve $shortcode_content by post title and the custom type?
    Is filtering at do_shortcode_tag still valid?

    Thank you

    Hi @lnki5538,

    It is very easy. You can get the content like below,

     $shortcodes = Shortcoder::get_shortcodes();
    $shortcode_content = $shortcodes['<name of the shortcode>'];


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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