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    1) I want to display the floating widget ONLY ON HOMEPAGE, but nothing works if I change the location settings. Can’t I display “only home page” and not the other? How?

    2) Is there a way for me to display it on top of my top slider and not see the widget when I scroll? I would like it to be fixed in the middle right position on top of my slider.



    URL :

    Hi Annick,

    Thanks for using Ultimate floating widgets plugin.

    1) You can select “Hide in pages” and “Hide in posts” option to display the widget box only on homepage and hide it elsewhere like in posts and pages.

    Please check if this works for you. Otherwise, I can suggest PHP code to show it only on homepage. If not you can also upgrade to the PRO version which has the feature to build custom rules –

    2) Select Trigger -> Trigger for widget box = “from button” to disable automatic open on scroll.

    For repositioning, it seems you already have some CSS for adjustment. Use this CSS below instead.

    .ufw_pp.ufw_p_tr {
        top: 50% !important;
        right: 2em;




    I have this problem as well; selecting “Hide in pages” disables Ultimate floating widgets also on frontpage.

    Hi @densho,

    Thanks for using UFW plugin.

    I guess, you have set a “page” as “frontpage” of your website.
    Hence the condition is met I believe.

    Please do share more details otherwise.

    I can share code changes to avoid this behavior if you can confirm this.



    Still not working.


    When I check “Hide in pages” and “Hide in posts”, the widget disapears from home as well.

    please help

    Hi Anni,

    Can you please go to Settings -> Reading and check if you have set a static page as home page?
    If yes, then “hide in pages” and “hide in posts” will meet that criteria.

    Let me know if that is the case. I’ll try to exclude situations like this in the next version of the plugin.



    In my case, the page is set as frontpage in the settings.

    When selecting only “Hide in front page” hides the popup on the frontpage and it’s visible on the other pages.
    When selecting only “Hide in pages” hides the popup on every page, including frontpage.

    Hi @densho,

    I got the issue. Let me check the code and get back to you in a week or so with some workaround on this.

    I’ll try to handle this scenario in the next version.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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