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      Hello, first off thanks for the great plugin. I am using the plugin successfully to help avoid my clients breaking some code while using the WYSIWYG editor. I am however having problems with a bit of code used to display 4 photos with captions. I’m not sure what it is about this code that won’t seem to format correctly using shortcoder but will display fine if placed in the HTML editor. Is it that there are brackets in the HTML placed within the shortcode? Is there a better way of achieving the image captions? Code is below:


      There are 4 of these images within the shortcode.

      Currently you can see both the 4 images lined up exactly as I want them above (code placed in the HTML editor), and below you see what is displayed when the code is placed within Shortcoder.” class=”bbcode_url”>

      I posted 3 days ago on the WordPress forum before I found this forum:” class=”bbcode_url”>

      Thanks in advance for any help offered!

      Actually … you are not using the shortcoder plugin’s code in the code … then where is the problem ??

      You are using the wordpress default shortcodes. Shortcoder allows to create custom shortcodes like the default ones … thats all


      This thread was started in April. I have since moved on from this plugin. The code pasted in my previous post was the code I was using within the plugin Shortcoder. The plugin works great except when using captions and also any form code. I’ve come to realize this plugin cannot be used when I want to use captions, forms, or php.

      You should not use a shortcode like [caption] within the shortcoder content. I think there is problem with the realization of the plugin.

      I ll try to put a complete demo of the shortcoder usage and its features, so that it can be used completely. But anyway thanks for trying the plugin.


      Yeah, I like the plugin for things like repeating code in different areas of a site and mainly keeping code out of the reach of clients so they don’t damage it. It’s much easier than creating various templates and then having to update each one. I tried using it for paypal add to cart buttons and it kept stripping some code and I finally realized I couldn’t use it for form code.

      fine …….

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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