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      text “456” was assigned by shortcoder. For example – [sc name="code0"] = “456”

      I have shortcode [sc name="code1"] = “Some text 123 – I need replace inside text”

      How to replace shortcoded text with another shortcode like this:

      “Some text 123 [sc name="code0"] – I need replace inside text ” ?

      currently inserting a shortcode inside a shortcode is not possible.. maybe the future versions can get it working !!



      Yes, this would be an unbelievably helpful feature to have.

      For example, I am building duplicate websites for some affiliate marketers. Basically, I just duplicate the website each time. I am using your plugin to store all of the affiliate product links, but right now I have to go in to each and edit them with each affiliate’s ID. Whereas, if I was able to embed a shortcode within a shortcode, I could create one shortcode called ID and then just embed it into each link. From there, I could just change the ID shortcode and it would update all the links!

      Instead of using a shortcode into a shortcode, you can use one of the shortcode’s HTML in the other shortcode… Hope it understood s..

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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