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  • Diana Levy

    Hello support Channe, hope you can help me.

    Im testing plugin I’ve recently bought in this site:

    Not yet activated license because is not the final website where the plugin will operate

    I set my shortcode to count=68, but still showing just 10 feeds, is something related to license?

    And another question
    My feed is showing this text: “The post xxx appeared first on Franquicias Chile”
    Went to YOAST RSS and remove the text, but still showing?
    How can I completely remove the text?

    Thank you in advance, have a nice day!

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for using Super RSS Reader.

    Could you please confirm how many items are there in the RSS feed URL?

    You can open the RSS feed URL and search for <item>. This number tells you the total count the RSS feed has.

    Super RSS Reader does not restrict items based on license.

    Regarding the text, WordPress caches RSS feed for 12 hours. Since it adds load to the server and RSS feeds usually refresh every day.

    You can wait and check it tomorrow (or) add a ?1 to the RSS feed URL to consider it as a new URL and override the cache.


    Diana Levy


    So happy I finally get that to properly work. I write this in here in case anybody needs help

    About limitation of ten posts:
    Went to wordpress Options > Reading and increase the number on the option to show syndication feeds. Keep the option for showing content and not excerpt (For some reason, this option doesn’t show the thumbnail picture)

    About the “appeared first on” went to yoast plugin in Search Appearance > RSS and deleted the format – The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %%BLOGLINK%%.

    Definitively I needed to use ?1 in the feed to force override the cacche.

    That will be my last question.

    I will need that every time a new post (Mine is a CPT) is created shows on RSS, and also if an item is deleted to doesn’t show on RSS, so how to handle this cache aspects, meaning automatically and not manually?

    Thanks for your support

    Hi Diana,

    Great that you were able to configure the number of items in the RSS feed.

    Regarding the cache, WordPress will store the cache for 12 hours by default. That is sitewide for any plugin trying to display an RSS feed.

    There is however a code snippet which you can paste your theme’s function.php file.

    The code is available in the FAQ section below.

    Using this code, you can change how long the RSS feed cache should be stored.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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