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  • Daniel Lacatus

    Hi! I am using the premium version of the Super RSS Plugin on my website I have encountered a recurring display issue on the main page when the plugin is activated.

    I have conducted a plugin conflict test by deactivating and reactivating my plugins one by one, which pinpointed the issue to the Super RSS Plugin. When the plugin is deactivated, the main page of the site displays correctly. Upon reactivation, the display issue reoccurs.

    Please note that I am running the latest version of the plugin, and this issue persists. Additionally, there are no permission conflicts or server resource issues that could be causing this behavior.

    Here are the specific steps I have taken and my observations:

    Deactivating the Super RSS Plugin results in the main page displaying correctly.
    Reactivating the plugin causes the main page to display incorrectly again.
    This behavior is consistently reproducible.
    All themes and plugins have been updated to their latest versions.

    Hi Daniel,

    Sure I can help with the problem.

    There are no known issue with the plugin itself.

    1) Could you please let me know how the plugin is used ? like is it a widget or shortcode?
    2) What are the RSS feed URL you are using in the feed?

    I can see wordpress is crashing.
    Can you please enable wordpress debugging – and let me know?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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