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  • Dennis Bareis

    WP is hanging all the time now, I did get a one stage message indicating that it THINKs it displays a CAPTCHA but it certainly doesn’t. Trying my response on new post.


    The description property of an image (see attached photo).

    It is trying to generate:

    %%Plant:MEDIA%% by %%author:AUTHOR-MISSING%%, %%TxtLic:TxtLic-MISSING%% licence

    These parameters (WP hangs if I do more):

    name='attribution_creative_commons_image_gallery-by-nc-4_0' url='h t t p s : / /' IN='description' plant='Plantus goodLookingus' author='Dennis'

    Moving plant parm from front to end didn’t change anything.


    ’Plantus by ’Dennis’, CC BY-NC 4.0 licence ’’


    Truncated plant name (at first space) + unexpected single quotes

    Hi Dennis,

    I tried the same code you tried and I’m not able to reproduce the issue.

    It works fine in my case. Please find the screenshots below.

    Please double check if there are no synstax issues and no nested double/single quotes. Also try switching themes or try the same on a different site without any plugins. That can help you check if any other plugin/theme is manipulating the output.


    Dennis Bareis


    It would appear that it must be a theme (I’m using OceanWp, child) or plugin issue, I haven’t created a new site yet but I will try that as well.

    What I have tried is “Shortcodes Blocks Creator Ultimate” but it only partially works in 6.1.1 and fails a similar same way. It is also unsupported although I have seen you answer questions there, but nothing has been answered for ages and emails aren’t responded to.

    I am now trying standard shortcodes and they also fail.

    The rest is FYI (as I just worked out the answer to my intended question):

    If I dump one of the parameters (to view on html page) the value is: “Desc” (the first quote is a normal one and the trailing one is “x201D” – NO QUOTES WERE PASSED BY ME).

    If I use “bin2hex()” to dump the value it shows it as being 16 characters long (2671756f743b446573632671756f743b), and using a hex editor I just worked out the value is “"Desc"“. I will see if I can just strip the garbage off if I see it.

    Dennis Bareis

    I didn’t create this site and have never used WP before, no doco provided either… I only just realised that this wasn’t a standard WordPress gallery but once enhanced by Jetpack.

    I have raised an issue in their forum.

    Thanks Dennis. If a normal shorcode does not work, then shortcodes created with Shortcoder will also face the same isse.

    Please check with Jetpack further on this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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