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    after the most recent wordpress update it appears that the CSS formatting is not functioning properly. there are also some feeds that are valid that no longer work. there are some feeds that only show the photo but no text when the setting is set to show both photo and text. the only thing that has changed is the wordpress update so i assume there may be a conflict.

    the website is


    Hi Glenn,

    There is no issue with SRR and the latest version of WordPress.
    I looked at your site and can’t guess what might be the reason.

    Looking at the source code of your site, it seems the output of the plugin is modified.

    Expected output:

    On your website:

    Please take a backup of the plugin files if needed, delete it and install again. If you have any administrator or developer who takes care of your website check with them too.

    If you are using the PRO version, please ensure if you are using “custom feed item template”

    Custom feed item template

    Ensure the “title” tag is part of it and the HTML tags are syntactically correct in terms of nesting and order.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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