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      First off, I’m unimpressed that I had to create yet another account that will no doubt become dorment in no time just to ask for advice on this issue…may be an idea to allow guest posts for support (from experience this actually reduces the amount of spam a thriving community receives as it cuts down the number of robot registrations/pm’s) 😛

      Anyway, the issue I’m having is that the code I added seems fine in the preview, but doesn’t display properly in the actual post (I’d intended to add screenshots but you’ve disabled file attachments – but you can see the full post here). This is the case with both the post excerpt and the full post when opened… Any ideas? 😕 😕




      The We Are Network

      This is just a developing community made for bug and support reports. So definitely your account will become dormant. But in future, this community can become big !

      Then, i can’t find the problem in ur support ! if the code works in preview, then it should definitely work in the main post !

      Just send an email of the screenshot. On seeing ur site, i found no errors. specify the exact page and not the whole site !


      It’s been some time since I submitted the support request, so the size of the site has exploded since then (the post I was referring was originally “stuck” at the top of the front page, but due to content requirements I’ve had to “unstick” it). The direct URL to the offending post is:

      I’ve viewed it under both IE and FireFox (latest versions of both) and it’s definitely not displaying as it should (for example as it does here – which is what the code I’ve used would display on an actual website)…

      Its not the fault of the plugin. It is due to your site’s CSS properties. On inspecting the toolbar the irregular appearance is due to the CSS of your site. The lines are due to the tables of your site.

      No problem with the plugin.

      Also, shortcoder plugin is designed not to insert temporary javascripts.

      It is aimed to insert “Advertisements, RSS feeds, Maps, Youtube videos etc …”

      I think you are misusing the plugin. This plugin has a very very heavy usage and advantage.

      See “Example 2” in this documentation page


      Misusing the plugin?!?!? I’m insulted by that accusation!! Saying such a thing is as good as saying someone is doing something illegal or at the very least unethical… I’m doing neither!


      Shortcoder a plugin allows to create a custom shortcode and store HTML, Javascript, Flash Embed codes in it.

      That is precisely what I’ve used it for, to display web code that wordpress naormally filters out.


      Some common suggestions are,

      ■You can add Adsense or any other advertisements within the post.

      ■You can add Javascripts like “Jquery” and other libraries.

      ■You can add “Share buttons” like “Add this”, “Add me” javascript codes.

      ■You can add Youtube, vimeo or anyother videos within you post.

      You can insert anything, or any code mentioned above.

      Notice the bottom line of that statement, and for the record I made it bold to emphasize it. These are your words (or at least those of whoever submitted the plugin to… Don’t get me wrong I appreciate your efforts in creating the plugin in the first place, but I do suggest you’re extremely careful when hurling insults around, as things that are hurled have a tendency to come hurling right back at you!!

      And back to the issue at hand, there similar plugins out there which have no issues with CSS regardless of tables. I’ve yet to track them down myself but I do know they exist (from what others have said in the past), this suggests there is something you can do to prevent this issue from occurring in the future, although I’m not a developer so I can’t give specifics, but it definitely seems like a possibility…


      Lee C

      Hello, Lee I think you don’t need to misunderstand the word “misusing” . Mainly i developed Shortcoder plugin for myself. But seeing its usage i increased its feature and made it for the world.

      Actually, Shortcoder plugin has 10 empty fields. You can use each field to insert javascripts, HTML codes etc.. Since there are only 10 fields, when you use a temporary javascript (used in one page) then one field will be wasted. When you want to insert javascript, which is used only in one page, then you can directly insert it into the post.


      If you want to try the code without the plugin, then just use the code directly into the post. You will again see the same effect

      Since you are the users and supporters of the developers work, you can do anything !

      My aim is not to hurt or hate you, but to make you to use the plugin in a very useful way. If the word ‘misusing‘ hurts you, then i am very sorry !

      I will soon make a video demonstration for the plugin. I am always available for support !

      Best Regards,

      Aakash Chakravarthy.

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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