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    Unless I am missing it, I do not see a way to add categories. Am I missing it?

    For instance, I want to use six RSS feeds that are only about baseball (same example for other sports). Is there a way to tag the RSS links as “Baseball” or is that not possible?

    Thanks. BTW, the site is at

    Hi George,

    Super RSS Reader supports “WordPress hooks” using which you can customize the output text.

    Since you want to add custom text to the bottom of the feed description, you can try that. It is written in PHP.

    Below is an example for your use case.

        function my_srr_modifier( $html, $feed_url, $feed_item ){
            $tag = '';
            if( $feed_url == 'my base ball rss feed url 1' || $feed_url == 'my base ball rss feed url 2' ){
                $tag = 'Baseball';
            if( $feed_url == 'my NFL rss feed url 1' || $feed_url == 'my NFL rss feed url 2' ){
                $tag = 'NFL';
            $html[ 'after' ] = $html[ 'after' ] . ' <p>' . $tag . '</p>';
            return $html;
        add_filter( 'srr_mod_item_html', 'my_srr_modifier', 10, 3 );

    Please expand over this example as needed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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