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    I am grateful for this plugin! It has saved me so much time! I do have one question. Can you put two shortcodes on the same page? I have tried this a number of ways and only the first shortcode shows up. I am pulling in job listings via an API (written in JavaScript). I was able to get the first one to work effortlessly. However, my client wants job lisitngs from at least two different job boards. When I put the second API in there via a shortcode, only the first shortcode listed shows up. I have tried putting the two shortcodes side by side, below each other in a shortcode block, with a semicolon between them, etc. Is there a way to have two shortcodes on one page? Please advise and thanks in advance! Website is



    Hi Dana, you can put multiple shortcodes on the same page.

    In your case since the shortcode you are using has JavaScript, may be it is rendering only for one.

    Please check the JS you are using.


    D Brown

    Thanks, Aakash! Just to clarify, do I need to put any unique characters between two shortcodes or place them on separate lines? In my case the two shortcodes are: [sc name="Muse_API"] and [sc name="Github_API"]. Do I need to add a comma or plus between them:
    [sc name="Muse_API"],[sc name="Github_API"] or [sc name="Muse_API"] + [sc name="Github_API"]. Please advise.


    Sorry for the extreme delay. You can simply place multiple shortcodes in a new line or in a same line. Please do try and let me know if you face any issue.

    D Brown

    Dear Aakash,
    I hope you are well.

    I have been focusing on other projects, but now I am back to getting two shortcodes on the same page. Whichever one comes first renders and the second does not. I have tested this to determine that both sets of code are working. It just appears that whichever code is listed first on the page is the one that you can see. The other does not render at all. I have them listed like this:
    inside shortcode box: [sc name="Github_API_JS"]
    inside shortcode box: [sc name="Muse_API"]

    Any ideas about how I could remedy this situation? We need to be able to list jobs from two separate job board APIs all on the “Jobs” page. In the following link, only the Github jobs are rendering and not the Muse jobs. I know this b/c the Muse jobs are not styled like this — so it is easy to see which set is working:

    Thanks in advance for your time!!

    Best regards,



    Thanks for sharing this useful information. It helped me a lot. keep sharing more interesting and interesting articles.
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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