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    Hello Everyone,

    we are facing an issue with Announcer Plugin.

    When we try to exclude the Announcer Bar on our PopUp.

    it still shows up and overlays the PopUp.

    So the visitor gets double penetrated….

    Is it possible to Hide Announcer for All PopUps?

    If Yes, How?

    (Here is a screenshot of how we tried to do it within Announcer Plugin Setting:

    Thanks in advance.

    kind regards

    Hi Manuel,

    Extremely sorry for the late reply. I missed your post.

    Coming to the issue, looks like you want to hide announcement on pages where you have popups.

    In this case under “display conditions” you must select the posts/pages where popups are displayed.

    You have selected “terms of post” and selected “popup”. This does not work because, “popup” is not a category, tag or any property of the post. Announcer looks only at the post properties. It does not know anything about popups present in the page.

    You are seeing popup in the list because, elementor has created a taxonomy named popup hence it is listed. But that is not a property of the post.

    Hence I would suggest, select posts which have popups (or) select a category of the post where popups are shown.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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