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    The “auto padding” does not work for the announcement bar. I am using the Elementor builder and my navigation is sticky to the top. The announcement bar sticks to the top until the navigation becomes sticky.

    Here’s the url
    Please see the screenshot

    Hi @swetinatasha,

    Thanks for using Announcer.

    The issue is that the “elementor sticky header” sticks to the top of the page at offset 0.
    So it covers the announcement bar.

    It does not know that there is an announcement bar.
    i.e it does not know to stack.
    This is the common situation with any sticky header bars.

    I would suggest to stick the announcement bar to the bottom of the page.

    We can set below CSS to move the header a bit down.
    But when the announcement bar closes, the header will stay there floating. The behavior gets even complicated in mobile screens when the height of the announcement is dynamic.

    header[data-elementor-type="header"] .elementor-sticky--active {
        top: 40px !important;

    Announcer also supports “shortcodes”. So please try if you can insert the shortcode inside the elementor header at the top of the menu.

    Hope any of this suggestion helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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