Kill the amoeba

Kill the amoeba entering the screen. Kill as many as you can. Select any desired mode playing time and kill as many amoebas as you can. Just use the mouse to play.

How many are there ?

A puzzle game who are or not expert in counting. Just count the number of rectangles present in the first level and the number of circles present in the second level. You have to enter the correct number to enter the next level.


Help the parachute to get away from the space fallings. See the day change and try how much you can withstand.

Egg Game

A interesting game for egg shooters. Just shoot shoot only the eggs which come in the roller and not the chicken or the small one. Easy and funny game with 3 levels. Have to be careful with bullets !

Click it !

A interesting arcade like game with three different games in one. Involves the idea of clicking. A simple yet colorful game for time pass. First game asks to choose and level and complete it. In second game prevent the squares from hitting you. In the third game choose a time limit and play till that.

Chicken Game

Help the chicken get its earthworm. Easy to play game. Speed of the game increases when you help the chicken get more prey.

Bubble Pong

A well known pong game with a different environment. Color of the background changes when you reach each level. Quite good game for all and a game to relax with 10 levels.


Use the spaceship complete all 10 levels. Get the golden gems to increase your points and also you need to look for the key to open the secret doors. A challenging game in controlling the spaceship.

Square Snake

A well known snake game with a difference. A funny and fast game which needs practise and skill to collect more food for the snake.

Water War

A different yet simple war game on water. Shoot the enemies with your powerful gun and avoid the shootings of your enemy. Speed and the powerof the enemies increase when you are good. Try to get the top most score as you can.