After receiving a lot of requests to release WP Socializer v2.0 as soon as possible, I decided to release the beta version. This beta version has no documentation (it will be published when the full version is released) and partial translation. This is due to lack of time for development.

The beta version is tested in WordPress 3.2.1 and it runs smoothly with no issues.


  • Added many social buttons.
  • Admin UI rededigned completely.
  • Hundreds of lines re-coded.
  • Added more buttons like sharethis, addthis etc..
  • Supports the latest Buttons till Google +1.
  • Supports shortcodes, so button can be used in posts and widgets.
  • One surprising new useful feature 🙂
  • And lots more, you will find in the admin itself.


Use the link below to download WP Socializer v2.0 [Beta]

Please post you bugs and suggestions in the forum. Necessary things will be fixed as soon as possible. Forum link.Check out WP Socializer v1.0 here.

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  • Superb plug-in!  Thanks so much for updating so thoroughly!

  • Slowly Rain

    I’m using ver 2 beta  .. It’s very confusing to use. Please have a detailed tutorial clips.thanks so much

    • The plugin is very easy to use. In the beta version, you have some preset templates which you can use or you can customize your buttons in seperate tabs and use them in the template.

      The template is the place where all the buttons are placed. Customize the buttons and use them in you template accordingly.

      If you find difficult to use your own button style, then use the preset templates.
      If there are another thing which makes you difficult. then please feel free say it !!

  • When i saw your page, the buttons looked great in the page. Where i want to help there ?

    • Slowly Rain

      NO, This is site demo. I want you to guide me to config plugin to the same this site. Understand ?

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  • Great plugin! But I do miss the Google+ funtion at this point. Is that correct?

    • The current beta version (v2), has this feature. please try it !!

      • Oh, I just found it. I had to look somewhere else then I expected. I hoped it could be part of the Social Buttons.

  • I found a bug: when the plugin is activated, the visual (WYSIWYG) editor in Pages does not work anymore. In Posts everything is ok. I work with WordPress 3.2.1.

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  • Im testing this page and I found   34 errors