A new version of the WP Socializer plugin which is, the version 2.4 is released with lot of new updates, features and bug fixes. Keeping user’s role in mind, the WP Socializer’s admin page is completely tweaked. It is now very very easy to change the settings. Also, a new share bar is introduced with the plugin. It has two configurable modes. Other notable features are listed below.

New features:

  • Admin UI is completely changed as per users request.
  • Floating share buttons are added.
  • Added a new social bookmarking buttons: Google+, Pinterest & OkNotizie
  • Email button problem is fixed.
  • Send button is included in Facebook.
  • Embed codes are updated for Facebook and StumbleUpon.
  • Removed Google Buzz completely.

Demo Video


This new version can be downloaded directly using the below link.

More information

For more information on this release, check out the plugin’s official homepage.


For any bugs report and usage instructions, use the Aakash Web forum.

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  • Hi, I love your plugin, but since i update it, the logo is not right, all the social logo icon that displayed at my site is wrong, any patch for this?
    if you may please reply to [email protected]. Regards. xeniux

    • There is an error with another javascript of your theme. Due to that the social buttons are not working correctly. If you fix that, the social buttons will work properly.


    Is it possible to change the location of the floating bar?  It would be nice to specify float #px from edge or float #px from center.  It’s covering up my page content

  • rocket

    social button showing in vertical align..on page…any quick fix..I have checked all the code please urgent help..

  • ck

    Can you check on stats of clicks?