Oooo… WP Socializer is my very first plugin to reach One hundred thousand downloads. Its one of my most loved and hard worked plugin, which delivers quality Social bookmarking features for a WordPress site.

This achievement is a really a boost for the future development of this plugin. Here is a small banner for the 100,000 downloads.

WP Socializer One hundred thousand downloads

My next free plugin to reach this level is the HTML Javascript adder plugin, which is currently in the 90,000 mark.

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  • Dissatisfied

    your plugin doesn’t display properly on IE 8. It only displays a few icons on top but not all of them. The bottom is all right. It looks fine in the latest version of Firefox. I won’t join a forum just to try and get support. I hate it when vendors do that. I’ll find another plugin. 

  • i love plugin wp socializer. But i found so many warning notices (common are variable not set or define default value before using) when i run wp with debug mode (define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);). I try to fix it .but i think the author should fix it for nice. Thank you the author of plugin wp socializer one more.

  • notageek4u

    Floating bar does not work with the new updated version of WP. It creates a screen within a screen and never finishes loading. It’s in a constant load state.

  • Martin

    Hi My site url and wordpress address url are different and this stops the plugin working on my install of wordpress is there a fix for this?
    Thanks in advance.