After a long interval (nearly 2 years) the new version of the Super RSS Reader WordPress plugin is released. In this version, the old flash base is removed and instead the WordPress’s inbuilt RSS engine is used. But there are some super cool features which makes the RSS Widget looks really cool. The features are listed below.

Features in v2.0

  • The messy flash version, admin page is removed. Plugin is kept is simple and the RSS feeds are made to work in all devices.
  • News ticker like effect can be added to the RSS feed items of the widget. This feature uses jQuery and the plugin “jQuery easy ticker”
  • Multiple URLs can be added to a single widget and the feeds are separated in Tabs.
  • Customizable with Inbuilt color styles and with external CSS styles.
  • The no of visible items in the feed can be changed for the ticker effect.

Demo video


This release can be downloaded from the below link.

More information

For more information, screenshots & change log checkout the plugin’s official home page.

Bugs report

If you encounter any bugs with the plugin, you can post a topic in the Aakash Web forum.

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