After a long time, the newest version of the Shortcoder plugin is released. It has a new UI and new Shortcode syntax. This version is really flexible and a worthy download.

This new version will be really useful to all the people. A demo video has been created to show what actually the plugin does.


New features in v3.0

  • New shortcode syntax. The new shortcode syntax is,
    [sc:"shortcode name" param1="value" param2="value" ... ]
  • Easy admin interface, no clusters create shortcodes easily.
  • Visual editor available, so useful for beginners.
  • tinyMCE button available in the editing toolbar so no typing required to insert the shortcode.
  • Globally disable the shortcode when not needed.
  • Can disable the shortcode, showing it to the admins.

Features and Demo video


To download this release use the link below.


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