WP Socializer – FAQ

WP Socializer - FAQ

Below FAQs apply to WP Socializer V3.0 and above Top Frequently asked questions Q : Why are the share buttons not aligned properly ? A : Share buttons are aligned using CSS. This alignment can sometimes be disturbed by the active theme used. This can be corrected by CSS. Please refer this image for the […]

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jQuery Conditioner – Docs

Setting Options in Conditioner Options can be set in two different ways in jQuery conditioner. Inline options ( supports only one condition ) External options ( supports multiple conditions ) Demo page Inline options Inline options ( data-condr-* attributes ) has to be set on the element which has to be shown when an input […]

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Create Custom class for Announcement

Inorder to create a custom class for your annoucement box, you should follow the steps below. The announcement box consists of two elements, they are the div tag which wraps the annoucement and the close button. The class name for the class you are to create is given by you, and the close button’s fixed […]

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Shortcoder – Documentation

List of all Frequently asked questions for shortcoder. Basic Syntax for using in post The basic syntax for using the created shortcode in your post is [sc name=”shortcode name” param1=”value” param2=”value” … ] Custom parameters can be added by following the format %%paramName%%. Note that no space should be used. How to use Shortcoder ? […]

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jQuery Collapser – Docs

Usage Include jQuery and jQuery collapser in the page. Attach the collapser method to the elements after the DOM is ready to be manipulated. Demo page <script src="jquery.js"></script><script src="jquery.collapser.js"></script> <p class="myElement">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis […]

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Advanced Post Navigator – Docs

Installation Buy and download the plugin at Codecanyon You will get a zipped file named advanced-post-navigator.zip In your WordPress administration page, Go to Plugins -> Add New Click the "Upload" tab at the top of the page. Select the advanced-post-navigator.zip file in the upload form and select "Install Now" Activate the plugin. Administration Page After […]

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Announcer – Documentation

List of all frequently asked questions of Announcer wordpress plugin. The FAQs below apply to v2.0 and below. The latest FAQ for v2.1 will be updated soon Basic Usage Install and activate. Add the PHP function <?php if(function_exists(‘announcer’)) { announcer();} ?> in your theme where ever. Goto to Announcer admin panel. Enter the announcement. Enter […]

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Super RSS Reader – Documentation

List of all frequently asked questions of HTML Javascript plugin. Basic Usage Goto Super RSS Reader Admin page via Settings ->Super RSS Reader. Change the settings you want related to the reader and save it. Paste the PHP code, <?php superRSSReader (); ?> in any of yout theme file i.e single.php, sidebar.php, page.php, header.php, archive.php […]

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