List of all frequently asked questions of HTML Javascript plugin.

Basic Usage

  1. Install and activate.
  2. Goto to the widgets page.
  3. Add the widget the sidebar.
  4. Expand it and add the title of the widget and the content you want.
  5. Change some settings you want.
  6. Save it.


Q : What type of content can be added using this plugin ?

A : You can add HTML, javascript, Flash embed codes or ordinary codes. But you cannot use any server-side scripting.

Q : Can I add HTML, javascript, Flash embed codes to the title ?

A : Yes, you can add.

Q : How many widgets, I can add ?

A : Unlimited. Thanks to wordpress developers.

Q : How to stop showing the widget in some particular page ?

A : Just use the settings form in the widget and check/uncheck the required .

For any troubleshootings or any feature requests please post it in Aakash Web Forum .

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