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  AW Javascript toggler
» 2.8 KiB - 748 hits - May 4, 2010
AW Javascript toggler with cookie is a simple and light weight, javascript which toggles the visibility of elements with cookie. So they remain visible or hidden by cookie on the return visit.

  AW Quick Tag Editor
» 6.8 KiB - 781 hits - May 4, 2010
AW Quick Tag Editor is a very simple tag based editor toolbar for a textarea. Very light-weight (only 2.4kb) . Cross browser supported. Can include any no of buttons to toolbars, with any customized function ! No additional files or images required. Buttons are made of input tags and can be easily customized with CSS. Suits any website, fast loading.

  Selected Text Sharer - Js
» 5.9 KiB - 724 hits - August 8, 2010
Selected text sharer is a promoting and enhancing javascript focusing to increase the site usage. This javascript displays a widget having links to search / share, above the selected text. Inspired from NY times web site.


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