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All in one web searcher is a simple and smart search tool to search multiple sites with ZERO click, just by hovering a tab and searching. This extension is available for both Chrome and Opera browsers.

We tested this feature on vacuumsealerresearch.com.


  • Simple and fast UI for quick searches
  • Add multiple search sites easily and customize the order.
  • Add sub search sites like "Images" search, "Map" search etc for easy search.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to cycle through the tabs.
  • Custom/Automatic icons for the tabs can be used.
  • No unwanted background process and memory. Light and fast extension.
  • Text free extension and hence multilingual
  • Available in two themes

Using the extension

  • Add custom search sites as per your need
  • Click the extension icon, hover the search tabs, type the search term and press enter to search the selected site.
  • Press "tab" or "alt" keys to cycle through tabs if needed.

Demo video

Default Search Engines

  • Google with Web, Images, News, Videos, Maps, Define, Books, Trasnlate, Shopping
  • Yahoo with Web, Images, News, Videos, Answers, Sports search
  • Bing with Web, Images, News, Videos, Maps search
  • Wikipedia with Wikinews, Wikitionary search
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Hulu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • WolframAlpha
  • Twitter



  • Added feature to export and import search engine customization settings.


  • New simple Icon
  • Reorder tabs easily.
  • Libraries updated to newest version.
  • Small interface changes.


  • Core code re-written from bottom.
  • New Icon.
  • Fast UI
  • Customize the default order of the list.


  • Initial Version


For Chrome

Install this chrome extension from Chrome Web Store.

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More than 1,775 installations worldwide.

For Opera 15+

Install this chrome extension from Opera website.

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Add your comment 11 Comments so far

  • Muteone2

    Could you allow people to have the option to not display the default searches in the search box, and to rearrange the order of the searches?

    • This will be implemented soon.

      • Muteone2

        Thank you.
        Would it also be possible to let the user create multiple searches under on domain as most of the defaults do? I really like this feature in the defaults and it would be even better if I could customize it.

        • Muteone2

          I forgot to say that sometimes the pop-up takes more than ten seconds to show up if I haven’t used my computer for a while, and even at its best it takes about half a second to show up.

  • ADauhoo

    I just started using this extension, I found it great except for two things.
    First sometimes it takes a lot time to display
    Second it would be great if we could remove the default searches that we do want and rearrange the order of the searchers

    Apart from the two things above, it is just great. Keep it up

    Continue the great job and hope you will consider my two suggestion and release a new version soon.

    • Thanks for the positive response, Ill soon make a fix to speed up the loading of the popup.
      Thank you.

  • Davy

    Shift switches search engines. Can I turn this off?

  • Roland Matteoli

    Your extension is great, the best search extension that I have tried, and I have tried à lot.

    But it would be better if I could synchronize the extension on all my devices because I have personnalized and added a lot of search tools.

    Could you store the data on the google chrome cloud instead of local storage ?

    Best regards

  • ulrichsson

    it’s a great extension, finally one where I don’t have to click more than once.
    The only problem I have is that pressing ALT opens the menu on Opera. Would it be possible to stop that or have the option to choose the key that cycles through the option?


  • Li Anyi


    I found it great except for only one thing.

    It would be great if we could open multiple sites at the same time?

    Apart from the things above, it is just great. Keep it up

    Continue the great job and hope you will consider my suggestion and release a new version soon.