All in one web searcher is a simple and smart search tool to search multiple sites with ZERO click, just by hovering a tab and searching. This extension is available for both Chrome and Opera browsers.


  • Simple and fast UI for quick searches
  • Add multiple search sites easily and customize the order.
  • Add sub search sites like "Images" search, "Map" search etc for easy search.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to cycle through the tabs.
  • Custom/Automatic icons for the tabs can be used.
  • No unwanted background process and memory. Light and fast extension.
  • Text free extension and hence multilingual
  • Available in two themes

Using the extension

  • Add custom search sites as per your need
  • Click the extension icon, hover the search tabs, type the search term and press enter to search the selected site.
  • Press "tab" or "alt" keys to cycle through tabs if needed.

Demo video

Default Search Engines

  • Google with Web, Images, News, Videos, Maps, Define, Books, Trasnlate, Shopping
  • Yahoo with Web, Images, News, Videos, Answers, Sports search
  • Bing with Web, Images, News, Videos, Maps search
  • Wikipedia with Wikinews, Wikitionary search
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Hulu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • WolframAlpha
  • Twitter



  • Added feature to export and import search engine customization settings.


  • New simple Icon
  • Reorder tabs easily.
  • Libraries updated to newest version.
  • Small interface changes.


  • Core code re-written from bottom.
  • New Icon.
  • Fast UI
  • Customize the default order of the list.


  • Initial Version

For Chrome

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More than 1,775 installations worldwide.

For Opera 15+

Install this chrome extension from Opera website.

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