tinymce shortcode insert problem

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tinymce shortcode insert problem

Postby jackplug » 6 months ago

I have been using shortcoder successfully for some time on a Multisite installation. Recently the Insert Shortcode button has stopped working. Instead of showing my shortcodes it displays the following:

Code: Select all

Insert a Shortcode

Create Shortcodes" ); ?>
Shortcoder Insert shortcode to editor

$value){ if($key != '_version_fix'){ echo '
' . $key; echo '
'; preg_match_all('/%%[^%\s]+%%/', $value['content'], $matches); echo '
'; if(!empty($matches[0])){ echo '
Available parameters:

'; $temp = array(); foreach($matches[0] as $k=>$v){ $cleaned = str_replace('%', '', $v); if(!in_array($cleaned, $temp)){ array_push($temp, $cleaned); echo '' . $cleaned . ':
'; } } echo'
'; }else{ echo 'No parameters avaialble - '; } echo 'Insert Shortcode'; echo '
'; echo '
'; } } ?>
The shortcodes themselves are still working fine but I can't insert them using the tinymce button.

Any advice as to the possible cause of this problem would be much appreciated.

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Re: tinymce shortcode insert problem

Postby vaakash » 6 months ago

Hi Jeff,

Something is wrong here. I didn't give any recent updates so everything must be working as expected.
Please try the following.
1. Deactivate and try again the plugin which you installed recently.
2. Undo all the edits if you have made to "shortcoder" plugin directly by editing the code.
3. Look for a shortcode which has improperly closed HTML tags. i.e has start tag but no end tag.
4. Reinstall the plugin again.

Please reply once you have tried these.