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      I’m having a problem with an interaction between HTML JavaScript Adder and a company’s theme and editor.

      The error message states a malfunction with the file admin-bar.min.js, and the version number that gets attached to it, appearing to get a result similar to a “file not found” error. The file is there and in the correct folder – I have verified that.

      Perhaps if this is not a necessary bit of code, you could help me edit the plug-in and test to see if removing it will let me keep on using your plug-in. Otherwise, the plug-in will have to go, and my problem of using some of my own HTML code in the sidebar widget will come back to bother me.

      you can look at my pages at

      Normally I would have the sidebar showing with a “Contact Me” form with my custom form fill code in it, but I have had to turn that off until you can hopefully help me.

      Thank you,



      Is there a support person involved with this product, by chance? I could really use some help. Or maybe someone knows of another approach to my problem of getting my customize form fill code to work in WordPress. Has anyone had good luck with short codes in pages or in sidebars? thanks much.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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