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      I have been scouring the internet and fiddling with WP Socializer to try and find a way to just share portions of text in a post, somewhat similar to how the brainyquote site does it:

      Is there a way to configure WP Socializer to do this?

      I tried setting the “share this” buttons in “button settings” to the size and style I want but it does not seem to effect the short code for “share this”. It seems the short code options cannot be changed. I also clicked on the box which says “automatically wrap with paragraph” in >button settings >share this, but don’t see what that does.

      My only option for the “share this” is to place it at the end of the post. Preferably, I’d like to use a short code to place the buttons in the post after each quote and to have it share only the portion of text before it. The only thing I can find similar to this is the plugin “click to tweet” and it places the text in way oversized boxes and it is limited to just one social media platform.

      Unfortunately I don’t have the skills or time to create a plug in that does this. It seems to me lots of people would jump on it if it existed.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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