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      Hello People,

      Here are some rules to post in this forum.

    • Make sure that you are latest version of the plugin. You can check it out at either in the WordPress page or in the plugin home page.

    • If you are upgrading from an Old version to new version, do a hard refresh or delete the cache of the page to load the new scripts of the plugin.
    • If a Javascript does not work in the widget, it is not an issue with the HTML Javascript Plugin. This plugin does nothing with script. If the script you use is correct, then it should work in the widget. You can test the script in jsFiddle
    • Make sure the title of the post sticks to the content.
    • It is a good idea to post a screenshot of the bug or the just give the URL of the affected page. It will be easy to debug.
    • Avoid using your email IDs in your post.
    • And..

    • Be free to post any ideas relating to new features.

    • If you have a translation just post the link here. It will be useful to other people.
    • Thank you.

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