WP Socializer can be used externally in theme files, in bettween posts and in widgets also.

  • In order to use WP Socializer in theme files, the wp_socializer() template function is required.
  • In order to use WP Socializer in posts and widgets, WP Socializer shortcodes are required.

The wp_socializer() function

This is the template function, which inserts wp socializer buttons inside the theme files. It returns the button.


<?php echo wp_socializer(button_name, button_settings); ?>


  • button_name – The name of the button (string)
  • button_settings – Button settings (Array or Query string style)

See this page for button settings.


Social buttons [wpsr_socialbts]
Addthis [wpsr_addthis]
Sharethis [wpsr_sharethis]
Retweet [wpsr_retweet]
Pinterest [wpsr_pinterest]
Google +1 [wpsr_plusone]
Digg [wpsr_digg]
Facebook [wpsr_facebook]
StumbleUpon [wpsr_stumbleupon]
Reddit [wpsr_reddit]

See this page for the list of available parameters to customize the button.

For more information and support please use the forum.

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