From version 2.0, WP Socializer has feature called One Click setup. Using this users can select pre-made templates for their site. Also, custom templates can also be created for regular use and customizations. Following steps tells ], how to create a template for WP Socializer.

Creating a Template

  1. Open the templates.xml file which is present in the wp-socializer/admin/templates/ folder.
  2. The file has a basic XML structure, with the following tags
    • Every template is wrapped with item tag.
    • Settings are wrapped with setting tag inside the item tag
    • Template 1 & 2 contents are wrapped with template1/template2 tag accordingly.
  3. Add the following attributes to the item tag to change the template name, preview picture, version, author, url
    • name – Name of the template
    • image – Preview image of the template.
    • desc – Description of the template
    • version – Template version.
    • author – Author name
    • url – Author URL
  4. In order to change the setting of an option inside the settings tag, the following syntax is used.
    • option_ID == value ;;
    • Here option ID is the ID of the HTML elements of the admin page. It can be referred by viewing the source of the admin page. Example of an ID is wpsr_template1_inhome.
    • Example of a setting wpsr_template1_inhome==1 . This changes the option "

      " to checked.
    • Using this syntax, multiple options can be varied and the button settings can be changed.
  5. The template contents are wrapped with template1 and template2 tags. Example of a template 1 content (Please wrap the template HTML content with CDATA to consider them as ordinary texts)
    <span class="padding5 width120 floatleft">{retweet-bt}</span>
    <span class="padding5 width120 floatleft">{digg-bt}</span>
    <span class="padding5 width120 floatleft">{stumbleupon-1}</span>
    <span class="padding5 width120 floatleft">{reddit-1}</span>
    <div class="padding5 width120 floatleft">{plusone-small}</div>
    <div class="clear-all padding5">{facebook-like}</div>

Using this simple syntax, custom templates can be created. Just check the default templates it gives an idea.

Please note that when you are upgrading to a new version, the templates you have built will be overridden.

Submitting a Template

If you have a beautiful template, you can submit it also. If it works well, it will be taken in the next version. Custom templates can be submitted in the Support Forum. For any support use the support forum.

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