Below FAQs apply to WP Socializer V3.0 and above

Top Frequently asked questions

Q : Why are the share buttons not aligned properly ?

A : Share buttons are aligned using CSS. This alignment can sometimes be disturbed by the active theme used. This can be corrected by CSS. Please refer this image for the list of CSS classes used by plugin to write your own suitable CSS or else please post your issue in the support forum, I’ll try my best to give a quick CSS code fix for the misalignment.

Q: I lost all the old configurations made in WP Socializer V2.X after update.

A: Yes, WP Socializer v3 is a completely new plugin rewritten from scratch. It is much more easier to create, customize, position social media buttons with full control compared to the previous version. Please have a look at the features overview video for more information.

Q: Share buttons are not displayed in the page !

A: Share buttons or other feature may be hidden if the option “Hide in all pages” option is selected in “Conditions to display” section. Please select “Show in all pages” option to display the buttons. If the buttons are still not displayed, please raise an issue in the support forum.

Q: How to disable/hide share buttons in all pages ?

A: Please select “Hide in all pages” option under “conditions to display the template” section in all the templates to hide them being displayed. For other features like floating sharebar, follow bar, text sharebar and mobile sharebar can be hidden by “disabling” them from the top most section available at their respective pages.

Q: How to disable a feature in specific page alone ?

A: WP Socializer has a feature called “conditional display” where a feature can be made to shown only at desired places by creating rules. Please look for the section “Conditions to display the template” under every feature page to add rules as per the requirement.

Share buttons

Q: How many service buttons I can create ?

A: There is no limit on the number of buttons which can be created. Unlimited number of buttons can be created with each having their own settings

Q: How to add a custom share button which is not available already to the template ?

A: Custom share buttons can be added using the “Custom HTML” service. Paste your button generation script in the text box and use that custom HTML button in the template.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the gap between buttons ?

A: The gap between the buttons is now at a fixed width. This can be changed anytime using custom CSS as per your requirement. Please refer this page for the list of CSS classes used by WP Socializer.

Q: Is it possible to bring back a deleted share button ?

A: Buttons present under “created buttons” when deleted cannot be bought back. You can always create new buttons. Buttons present in a template once deleted can be bought back again by dragging and dropping the button from the “created buttons” list.

Q: Is it possible to increase the default number of templates ?

A: As of now no. The number of tempaltes is now restricted to 3.

Q: Is it possible to rearrange the rows within a template ?

A: Yes, just click and drag in an empty area to select a row and drag it rearrange the row order.

Q: How to hide the template on specific pages ?

A: WP Socializer has a feature called “conditional display” which allows to position the template only in the desired pages. It can be seen in every feature settings page. Template will be displayed as per the rules added.

Q: Is it possible to display a share buttons template inline to a post other than above and below.

A: An entire template cannot be added inline to the post as of now. But the individual share buttons can be added inline using the shortcodes feature.

Q: Why is that certain mobile only icons like “WhatsApp” are not seen in desktop ?

A: Mobile only icons like whatsapp, facebook messenger etc. and other which require mobile app like protocols are not displayed in desktops. Even if they are displayed, the won’t work on desktop chrome, so why display it ?

Social buttons

Q: How to display text next to social button icons

A: Press the gear icon in the social buttons list to open the settings window popup for that specific button. Enable the checkbox “Show site title” to display text next to the icon. This has to be done individually on the buttons for which the text is desired.

Q: Is it possible to use custom images for the social button ?

A: Yes, custom image icons can be used in replacement to the existing font awesome icons. Under the social button settings popup, the URL of the image can be provided.

Q: Why only some social buttons have “count” feature ?

A: It is purely based on the API exposed by the social media service. More share counters will be added once we have an official API for them.

Q: Is it possible to add custom social icon to the list ?

A: No, as of now there is no ability to add custom social buttons. The current list is based on the number of font awesome icons available. Almost all the social media icons provided font awesome are used in social buttons list.

Q: Is it possible to select a button size other than 16px, 32px. 48px and 64px ?

A: No, we have 4 different sizes to have a control on the CSS file size. This size can be changed easily using custom CSS code.

Q: Can I give custom background or border color to social buttons other than white, black, gray and auto colors ?

A: Colors can be changed anytime using custom CSS. As of now the above predefined set of colors is provided for selection.

Q: How are the social buttons created ?

A: Social buttons in WP Socializer is styled using Socializer.css CSS library. Please refer its documentation page if you want to have an idea on CSS classes it uses.

Floating sharebar

Q: Why my sharebar is incorrectly displayed or missing from the page ?

A: If you have selected the sharebar to stick with the content, please check if the content selector is specified correctly. Please refer this video to get a brief idea on how to identify selectors.

Q: Is it possible to add a title to the sharebar at the top ?

A: Yes, just like “share buttons” we can use the “custom HTML” service to add a title to the sharebar.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the offset of the sharbar from the window/post content ?

A: Yes, click the “open preview and adjust position” button to open the position editor. There you can use the slider to adjust the postion of the sharebar from the window.

Q: Does floating sharebar hide when viewed from mobile ?

A: Yes, floating sharebar minimizes itself an icon to the corner of the page when the screen width is lesser than 800 pixels. The icon can be toggled to display the floating sharebar.

Q: Is it possible to turn off the automatic minimization of the sharebar for smaller screen sizes ?

A: There is no option provided as of now to disable this feature as it may block screen in smaller devices. Based on user requests I can add an option.


Q: I have an idea or a feature which can come in WP Socializer, where to share them ?

A: You can always use the support forum to post your ideas. We can have a talk and I can even implement if the idea is feasible.

Q: I am a developer and I would like to create a share button service for WP Socializer, how do I do it ?

A: It is really easy. WP Socializer is developed in a modular way. Please have a look at this actual code of how “reddit” service is added to WP Socializer.

Available CSS classes

Share buttons

WP Socializer CSS classes

Social button icons

Social buttons are created using socializer.css. Please refer this page for complete docs.

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