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Q : Why the buttons are not aligned properly ?

A : When all the buttons (Social buttons, retweet, google +1, google buzz, facebook like, facebook share, digg, stumbleupon, reddit) are used together or in partial, you can see that they are not aligned in a perfect horizontal line. This is because, each button uses its own native CSS to customize its look and each button uses different methods for loading and positioning. So sometimes, they look unordered when they are used directly eg: {retweet-bt} {digg-bt} will look unordered.

However, the buttons can aligned in a proper manner easily by, wrapping it with a div or li tag and and doing some small CSS works. In order to get some examples, check out the one click templates. They will give you a clear idea.

One click setup related

Q : How to use the one click setup?

A : Go to WP Socializer Admin page and click the "One click" tab. Select the template you want and click apply. Then click the Update button.

Q : Can I edit the One click template after pressing apply ?

A : Yes, after pressing the apply button you can edit the template. Go to the placement tab and make necessary changes (add / remove / move) to the button. You can also use HTML, CSS tags in the template.

Social buttons related

Q : How to filter the long list of Social buttons ?

A : You can easily filter the long list of social buttons to make selections easier. There is a "Filter" text box above the list. Just type a hint of the button you want and the list will be filtered accordingly.

Q : How to select / rearrange the social buttons ?

A : Go to the social buttons tab. On the left side, you can see a huge list of social buttons. Click on 16 or 32 to select that button into the respective icon size. On the right side, the selected 16px and 32px butons appear. Click and drag the buttons up and down to rearrange it.

Placement template related

Q : Where to insert the buttons ?

A : Buttons should be inserted in the "Placement" tab, under "Template 1" or "Template 2" using the "Button codes". eg: {social-bts-16px} is used to insert the selected 16px social buttons in the template and {retweet-bt} is used to insert the Retweet button.

Q : How to get the button codes so that I can insert it into the template?

A : Buttons codes can be got by two methods,

  • Method 1 : By clicking the <> button on the respective button settings tab.
  • Method 2 : By using the built-in menu to insert the buttons directly into the template.

Q : Is there any pre-made classes in the wp-socializer css file, so that it can be used in the template?

A : Yes, there are some classes which you can use. Some are,

  • padding5 – Adds 5 padding to the wrapper.
  • padding10 – Adds 10padding to the wrapper.
  • width120 – Assigns width as 120 to the wrapper.
  • width70 – Assigns width as 70 to the wrapper.
  • floatleft – Floats the wrapper to the left
  • floatright – Floats the wrapper to the right
  • clear-all – Clears the float.
  • fixed-pos – Make the position as fixed to the wrapper.
  • border5 – Adds a CSS3 round border 5 to the wrapper.
  • shadow – Adds a CSS3 bottom shdow to the wrapper.

This list can be changed. Please see the wp-socializer-buttons-css.css file for more additional classes.

Q : Can I use HTML tags in placement templates ?

A : Yes, you can add HTML tags in templates. Even you can add <script>, <style> etc tags in placement templates.

Q : Can I display the template above and below a post ?

A : Yes you can show the template above and below the posts and even in excerpts.

Q : Can I use a button code in both the templates ?

A : Yes, you can add the same button in both templates.

Custom buttons related

Q : How to use the custom button template ?

A : Custom button templates are used to insert custom buttons or other buttons that are not included in the package. For example, you can use dzone buttons with WP Socializer although it is with the package.

Inorder to use the custom button templates, you need to get the button script from the respective site. Then alter the script you got by the following method and use it with WP Socializer.

Custom button requires two codes. They are {url} and {title}. These codes should be replaced in the place where the URL and Title is required in the custom button script. Eg: Consider this dZone button

<script type="text/javascript">var dzone_url = '{url}';</script>
<script type="text/javascript">var dzone_title = '{title}';</script>
<script type="text/javascript">var dzone_style = '1';</script>
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Here, the lines 1 and 2 require the URL and the Title of the current page. Hence those should replaced with the codes {url} and {title}.
If your button script automatically detects the URL and Title then there is no need to use the codes. Refer the documentation of the custom button you are using for more info.

Q : Can I use HTML tags in "Custom buttons" templates ?

A : Yes, you can add HTML tags . All tags are supported even <script>, <style> etc tags can be added.

Q : Can I use the button code in "Custom buttons" template ?

A : No. Button codes cannot be added in "Custom buttons" template. Button codes will be parsed only in "Placement templates".

Shortcodes related

Q : How to use the buttons inside the posts and pages ?

A : WP Socializer has built in shortcodes for each and every button type. Hence those can be used inside the posts and pages. Refer the documentation for the list of shortcodes and their parameters.

Q : How to use WP Socializer in widgets ?

A : Use the inbuilt shortcodes in any shortcode enabled widget. HTML Javascript adder is a plugin with shortcode enabled and button toolbar. Hence it can be installed and used to insert the buttons into the widgets.

Settings related

Q : Where is integrated ?

A : integration is done in the social buttons to shorten URLs

Q : What happens when WP Socializer is temporarily disabled ?

A : Disabling will stop displaying all buttons, templates retaining all button settings.

Q : How to move the floating sharebar to the right ?

A : In Floating Share Bar admin page, give negative value to “Distance between post and the floating share bar” field. A screenshot is given below. Available since v2.4.8

WP Socializer floating share bar - Float right

Q: Where to get the Facebook like button language code ?

A: Use the tool below to get the code. Select the language you want. (Sorry for inconvenience, this option will be integerated in the admin panel from next major release)

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  • Good work aakash, really nice plugins. Good luck for your future developments.

  • Good work aakash, really nice plugins. Good luck for your future developments.

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  • I prolly just missing the function, but how do I integrate my with the sharing buttons (to track tweets, etc)

  • Nils Kattau

    I’d like to know how to integrate my API, too. Does anyone know how to manage that?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work Aakash..but I was wondering if I could use template tags because I don’t like the idea of plugins appending code on my posts.

    I would rather place the widget using templates tags in single.php of my theme.

    Can that be done?

  • yazzy

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I am trying to add youtube and vimeo custom buttons. Is there anyway you can send me which code to insert into custom section. I inserted regular html coding (with a href, etc..) But, url info does not pass correct.

  • Nice plugin. My favorite WP social bookmarker

  • Westcoastsurf

    How do I get the buttons to line up on the same line?



    will stick the Like button under the others, I would like it to show up after, on the same line.

    Thank you!

  • Cody

    Why does the iframe which houses {facebook-like} have a height of 80px with an empty class? No good…

  • Rcobb

    Sorry for the dumb question, but where do I put the actual URL to my Facebook page in the plugin settings?

  • my retweet button wont display. any help?

  • Davelcock13

    Could anyone help. I want to show the buttons on the right of the header. Is there anyway of doing this?

  • Anonymous

    I think the latest 3.1.1 might have broken some functionms of te plugin… i cant add/delete services anymore (social buttons section)

  • irolf

    hello, how do you turn Socializer on? where in WP admin? thx

  • irolf

    hello, how do you turn Socializer on? where in WP admin? thx

    • you need to go to Settings -> WP Socializer and make your settings there.

  • Pete

    Hi great plugin many thanks.

    How would one show only facebook and twitter as default?


  • anido mirolo


    Je n’arrive pas à mettre les boutons Facebook et twiter sur mon blog, comment fait-il faire dans socializer WP, ça ne marche pas.

    Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider ?



    • what you have to do is, just insert the button codes in the “placement
      if you want social buttons just place {social-bys-16} in the “placement
      template” thats all !!

  • Are there any shortcodes for this bad boy?! I am trying to make it show in a specific place in my content… PLEEEASE let me know if there is anyway to do this.

    Thanks in advanced!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Could anyone help. How to use the custom buttons google +?

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  • Edoe Cohen

    Hi Aakash,
    Love the plugin. But is there a way to disable it in portfolio pages, while leaving it in blog posts?
    For example: –> I’d like to disable it on such portfolio pages.

    • Simple… Just go to the “Editing page of the portfolio” (the page where you edit the post)
      On the right column, you can see a box for disabling WP Socializer on that page…
      Thats all….

  • Anonymous

    how to put wp socializer in my header theme ?
    I use atahualpa theme

  • Nemekhbayar

    Hello Aakash,

    During the migration process from 1.0 to 2.0 or higher, is it possible to migrate the social buttons ?

    You see, I have a WordPress multi-site installation with over 8000 sites, so it is impossible to upgrade manually the social buttons for each site.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, the settings which are saved in v1.0 will be retained. You can update without any problem…

      Can you please give your site url ?

  • is it possible to only have the share button without the ones at the bottom?

  • Seanpeterson11

    I’m told that my front page feature area is breaking when this plugin is activated because it is automatically loading into excerpts. Is there a way to stop it from doing that?

  • Hello, thanks for using WP Socializer.

    The facebook shows the profile pics only when someone like the post. When no one likes the post the button will be empty.

  • Just uncheck the , “Show in excerpt” checkbox under the Placement tab.

  • Hello, thanks for using WP Socializer.

    The facebook shows the profile pics only when someone like the post. When no one likes the post the button will be empty.

  • How can I change the text size, or remove the text “Share and Enjoy” as it’s showing up gigantic on my blog with the large widget buttons.

  • How can I change the text size, or remove the text “Share and Enjoy” as it’s showing up gigantic on my blog with the large widget buttons.

    • Just go the “Placement” tab. There you will see a textbox containing the template.

      Just edit that template according to your needs.

  • Jd

    How can i disable all the standard (template??) icons which appear on top and at the end of a post? i only want to have the icons via shortcodes. thanks

  • Jd

    How can i disable all the standard (template??) icons which appear on top and at the end of a post? i only want to have the icons via shortcodes. thanks

  • Just go to the edit page of the portfolio page example “echoer” and in the right middle you will see a box to disable WP Socializer in that page. Currently it is not possible to disable the plugin in a category.

    Thank you.

    • Dori

      Thanks for replying Aakash, but the disable box doesn’t appear when editing portfolio items in this WP theme (Simplicity), that’s why I asked in the first place. Any ideas how to get around this?

      • Goto screen options (top right corner) and try selecting the widget into the screen. That will work.

        • Dori

          WP Socializer doesn’t appear there as an option (the only unmarked one was “slug”)

          • Strange, It should appear as in the image attached below. It is completely due to your theme. Try switching to another theme and checking it out.

            Other than this there is not easy way to disable in particular page.
            Thank you.

  • In my side the Google +1 button works. Try reloading the page.

  • What does this mean and how do I get a token for my website? application message:
    “SocialPublish is almost ready. You must enter your Socialpublish access_token for it to work. “

  • FloatShare

    Really great plugin, but I don’t understand why I can’t display the floating share bar on the home page?

    • Flaoting share bar appears only on post and pages. It cannot appear on Home pages.

      • FloatShare

        I see that, but why, is this a WordPress technical limitation? It would be really great on my homepage!

        • Usually homepage has number of posts. So targeting the social buttons on a single post in the homwpage is not possible. So it is disabled to show in the home page. Thank you.

          • FloatShare

            Yes, I understand. It is true that the homepage buttons would be different from the other buttons, but it would be great if I could have a bar for the SITE with buttons to :- follow us on twitter
            – be a fan on facebook
            – add us to your google+
            whereas the other buttons (on pages) are there to share the CONTENT.

            It’s just that your plugin is so complete, I’m sad that the final thing that I would like is not available. But thanks again for the great plugin 🙂

          • Nice idea. But currently showing the floating bar in the home page is not possible. Usually many use the widgets to include the “FB Like box” and the “G+ badges”. WP Socializer has inbuilt widgets to include those in the sidebar. Just use them if you want it. Thank you.

          • Your plugin is pretty cool and very complete, it works very well on post and pages, it’s just missing the homepage feature.

            So I think that if you were to enable it in the homepage: I would recommend to target the homepage social buttons to the home page URL instead of the posts, I believe most site owners want this homepage feature so users can like/share the homepage URL.

  • Baxter

    How can I add just the green “share this” button ? It is listed at the bottom of the configure page but there is no “select” button. I do not want any of the other social buttons to appear.

  • Pascal Bourhis

    Just do no work in mutinetwork configuration… Too bad /-)

  • Pascal Bourhis

    Just do no work in mutinetwork configuration… Too bad /-)

  • Brendan N

    I have selected not to show WP Socializer on some pages, they are ticked and I have updated the page, however they still show up. I am using WordPress 3.32 and theme Twenty Ten 1.3. Any advice on what’s happening?

  • The title is automatically parsed by Facebook. The title “San Diego Boot Camp” is parsed because, the page has this as meta title. To solve, in the theme’s header.php file remove the line.

    name="title" content="San Diego Boot Camp" />

    • Bootique

      I see. However, from an SEO standpoint, isn’t it beneficial to have the meta name title? Is there a way to solve both?

      Thank you!

      • This tag is not important. Only the <title>Some title</title> tag is important.

        • Bootique

          ok. i did that but it’s doing the same thing. does it take tie to process?

  • Is a API needed for facebook, tweeter, etc?

  • Can the socialize buttons be used as a login for comments?

  • VivekNath

    While i activating WP Socializer, the gravatar images in comment section is not showing. What may be the problem? Can you plz fix this bug?

  • Shrikant Dhule

    How can we reduce size of text “Share and Enjoy”.

  • Hello, I would like to display only the floating bar on my posts. However when I disable the Socializer buttons, the theme of the floating bar disappears. When I enable the Socializer button, but I set them not to display in any post, I have the buttons at the bottom and it is liked to the Related Posts. 

  • Aks

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to integrate Google Analytics into the social buttons so that we can view social statistics using analytics.

  • marhgil

    How do you customize the floating bar? Pinterest is not working right now because it can’t get a media file.

  • Ludo

    A great plugin ! Thanks !
    Is it possible to configure the “Pin it” button to target the source/linked full size image of a thumbnail?
    Use case : my pages have gallery thumbnails, when I pin the page I’d like to have the full size pictures available for pinning instead of thumbnails.

  • Kapil

    Hi, I am using it and being a new site, I do not want to display the number of likes, shares, tweets but just want to display the buttons to Share. How to do that?

  • Ashok Khandekar

    Hi Aakash,

    Thanks for a great plugin.
    The floating share bar works fine. The only thing, it does not show on Home page despite trying all the settings. What could be wrong ?

    • The floating share bar is designed to work on posts and pages only. Maybe in future I’ll add this feature as many request for this. Thank you.

      • I would love for this as well. Actually, that is the only feature that I was interested in…


      • Adding this feature would be of huge help!

  • Michael

    This plugin has been working great for me. However, lately I’ve discovered that it does not display the PIN(pinterest) count when the page is loaded fully. What I mean is that, while the page is loading, it displays the PIN count, but once the page is fully loaded the PIN(pinterest) count disappear).

    Any idea why and how to fix it? I’m using the plugin with Genesis Framework with Lifestyle child theme.

    • Hello, I too experienced this issue. I’m confused that it is a problem with pinterest or with script implementation. I’ll check this out and fix this ASAP. Thank you.

      • Michael

        Hi Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully, this can be fixed. 🙂

  • Boris Czizikowski

    Dear Aakash,
    thanks for the great plugin! Is there any kind of privacy notice I need to provide for my website visitors when using socializer? I am NOT using the addthis-plugin. Only your plugin-features. (But I saw, that addthis is providing something like this, since they are collection data – so how is it with your plugin?)

    Thanks a lot – will donate, soon 😉



    PS: I also have a small layout problem on my site. The last Like button in the row always has an extra spaceing to the right. I think this might be a theme problem, but maybe I can solve it with code in the templatebox? (Maybe you can help with that, too?)


    How I can do to work the plugin in a wordpress theme with infinite scroll?
    Its don’t display the share button after load more posts! the html is load!

    pls. help! thx!

  • Damir

    Hello, I have one question, which is already answered below, but it seems that the solution doesn’t work anymore with a new update. I would like to remove “Share and enjoy” sign and all of social buttons at the bottom – is that possible? Thank you

  • Hi, love the floating bar, but I have a question––why does my floating bar position isn’t fixed when looking at my post using another laptop. For example, the position on my 13inch MacBook Pro is perfect, but when looking at the post from a 15inch Alienware computer, the position of the floating bar is in the middle of the post. Is there a way to fix this?

  • ahmad soltan

    Can i add a custom button to the floating Bar ?