List of all frequently asked questions of HTML Javascript plugin.

Basic Usage

  1. Goto Super RSS Reader Admin page via Settings ->Super RSS Reader.
  2. Change the settings you want related to the reader and save it.
  3. Paste the PHP code, <?php superRSSReader (); ?> in any of yout theme file i.e single.php, sidebar.php, page.php, header.php, archive.php or any other theme file in any suitable place you like.
  4. After pasting the code, save it.
  5. You can also add the reader to the sidebar using the widgets in the widgets page.


Q : There is no option to change the font, font color, font style etc. How to do it ?

A : You need to use the rss-css.css file present in the directory of the super-rss-reader. It contains option for changing the desired things of the title, description, date, link hover properties.

Q : Can I use any CSS property for the links, description etc ?

A : No, you can’t use all the css properties. Since the CSS file is loaded and rendered by flash, there are some restrictions in the usage. Just visit Adobe(TM)’s documentation on HTML usage in flash for futher details.

Q : Can i use the CSS in my style.css file and avoid loading the rss-css.css file ?

A : No, you can’t. You should change the settings only in the rss-css.css file only.

Q : Does this RSS Reader work in servers having no PHP ?

A : Definitely not. Since flash’s security features are high, you need PHP to get the XML file and display the feed. This work is done by the loadXML.php file present in the plugin’s folder. If your rss reader continues to show "unable to load" then, there is a problem with your server’s PHP i.e it will be a low version. To learn more about security system, check out for more details.

Q : Can I have the rss reader’s source file ?

A : No, because the reader I’ve created is very complex and it is understandable only by me and if you want to change the language of the reader, then it is not possible in this current version. This reader is made with Macromedia Flash 8 for my site only. But when I realised the usage of this reader, I created a plugin to share the reader. So I am not willing to give the source file to anyone. If you want to get the reader’s basic code, then you should get it in

For any troubleshootings or any feature requests please post it in Aakash Web Forum .

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