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Basic Syntax for using in post

The basic syntax for using the created shortcode in your post is

[sc name="shortcode name" param1="value" param2="value" ... ]

Custom parameters can be added by following the format %%paramName%%. Note that no space should be used.

How to use Shortcoder ?

Basic steps :

  1. After uploading the plugin to your wp-content/plugins/ directory, activatethe plugin through the plugins menu.
  2. Then goto Shortcoder admin page.

Creating a shortcode :

  1. In the name box, enter the shortcode name.
  2. In the content box, enter the shortcode content like HTML, Javascript or other code, which a browser can read.
  3. Click "Create shortcode".
  4. Your shortcode is now created. Use [sc name="name of the shortcode"] in the posts and pages to get the shortcode content there.

Editing a shortcode :

  1. Click the shortcode name in the admin page.
  2. The shortcode content will be loaded and edit it.

Deleteing a shortcode:

  1. Drag and drop the shortcode over the "trash can" present near the right bottom corner of the page.

Using custom parameters in the content :

Check out this tutorial on using custom parameters with some use cases and examples.

Other FAQ’s

Q : Should custom parameters should be compulsarily used in shortcode content ?

A : No. It is purely optional and one of the feature of the plugin. It can be used for adding some dynamicity to the shortcode content you are creating. Please check this link for some examples and usage ideas.

Q : Should I need to enclose any content within the shortcode ?

A : There is no need to enclose any content within the shortcode. Although you enclose there will be no effect on the output. But for certain Inbuilt shortcodes, you should enclose some content with the shortcode.

Q : Where should I use the shortcode syntax, in Visual editor or HTML editor ?

A : You can use it in any editor as you wish.

Q : Can I use spaces for shortcoder name?

A : Yes, spaces can be used. When space is used, make sure that when it enclosed within double quotes when used. Example: [sc name="my shortcode" param1="bla" ]

Q : What will happen if I use the same parameter twice or more ?

A : The attribute which is entered last only will be taken under consideration. If the syntax as param="value1" param="value2" then value2 only will be considered. This applies to any parameter

Q : Is is compulsary to use " " (Quotes) for the shortcode name ?

A : You should enclose the shortcode name with quotes if it has spaces. Or else, quotes are unnecessary.

[sc name="example" ] or [sc name="example" ]

For any troubleshootings or any feature requests please post it in Aakash Web Forum .

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