List of all frequently asked questions of Announcer wordpress plugin.

The FAQs below apply to v2.0 and below. The latest FAQ for v2.1 will be updated soon

Basic Usage

  1. Install and activate.
  2. Add the PHP function <?php if(function_exists('announcer')) { announcer();} ?> in your theme where ever.
  3. Goto to Announcer admin panel.
  4. Enter the announcement.
  5. Enter the expiry date, div box’s class etc.
  6. Make the Announcement button on top to be green.
  7. That’s all.
The date format is more important. Wrong date format will not show the announcement. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD

Creating custom CSS classes for the announcement box

Please visit this page for complete step by step details.


Q : Even if I turn on the announcement, and after saving, the button automatically turns off. Is it a bug ?

A : It is not a bug. The reason for this cause is, you would have entered a past "End date" . This date should only be a future date. It is should not be present or past date.

The button automatically turns off, on the "End date" or if the announcement is not shown.
The announcement will not be showed on the "End date"

Q : I entered the date correctly. But still I am not able to turn on the announcement. What is the reason ?

A : You can’t blame the plugin. Suggestion is, the fault lies in the Date format. You should enter the date in YYYY-MM-DD Please note the – (hyphen) symbol in between. Other symbols like . (dot) or / (forward slash) and other are considered invalid.

Q : I want to show the announcement today, what to do ?

A : Enter tomorrow or any other future date. That’s all.

Q : I do not want to show the clode button. What to do ?

A : Just choose "No" from the "Show close button" in the admin page.

Q : Where should I create a custom class for my announcement box ?

A : You can create it in announcer-custom-class.css file present in the folder of announcer or in your theme’s style.css

Q : I created a custom CSS in the "announcer-custom-class.css" file. But it is not listed in the "Inbuilt Classes" list in the admin page. Whats th reason ?

A : The custom classes you create will not be updated in the list. But you can still use it. You should follow the procedure below.

  1. After creating a custom class for the announcement box, save it.
  2. Check the "Use custom class" in the admin page.
  3. Enter the class name you created in the "Custom class" text box.
  4. That’s all.
  5. You should follow this procedure, if you have created a custom class in the style.css file found in your theme.

Q : Can I use the announcement’s PHP function <?php if(function_exists(‘announcer’)) { announcer();} ?> more than once ?

A : Not yet tested. But sure that there will be some conflict in the javascript, since there will be same ids in a same page. Future versions will allow space for this.

Update: You can also show the announcement above the heading or below the post automatically. You don’t need to use the above function. But if you think the placement is not good, you can also use the above function.

For any troubleshootings or any feature requests please post it in Aakash Web Forum .