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'Email this' message body

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'Email this' message body

Postby david76r » 4 years ago

I have installed WP Socializer, but on my home page when I select the 'email this' option from the plugin, the body of the email contains only a '<p>'.
I am unable to determine where this is coming from. Could you please advise where it is getting this value, and if there is a way to override for the home page? It is working for all other pages.
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Re: 'Email this' message body

Postby vaakash » 4 years ago

Sorry for the ultra late reply,
The new version v2.4.6 of WP Socializer has this bug fixed. Please update to that version to fix this issue.

http://www.aakashweb.com/wordpress-plug ... ocializer/

Thank you.