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Javascript never gets saved

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Javascript never gets saved

Postby booboo » 6 years ago

When I type in some javascript and press Preview it is working. But for some reason it will not save the code. When I press Save it shows me that circle which tells me it is "saving" but it never finishes. Why?

There is no problem with the code. Even <script></script> gives the same error. If I on the other hand just write "Test" it works! So something with <script> is making it brake.

I have the latest version of the plugin.
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Re: Javascript never gets saved

Postby vaakash » 6 years ago

Saving should not be a issue, since it is done entirely by Wordpress's widget API. If the problem occurs only if you add a <script> tag then post the code here for review. Another reason is that, your server should be good while saving. If it is down then you it wont be saved.