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Put it in one page

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Put it in one page

Postby kemppakimmo » 5 years ago


Thanks for great code!

Im very new in this and want to ask is it possible to use this code in one page?

I try to explain: We have a sportsclub witch have's many different sports. football, basketball and so on,

So im trying to ask, how can I use this code so that it will show under basketball sidebar only?

Is this possible?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Put it in one page

Postby vaakash » 5 years ago

Thanks for trying the plugin. The current does not have any options to show the widget in particular page. Instead, it has features to disable in specific pages. Maybe the next version will have options for your need.

For now, you can use the disable option to disable in specific pages by including the page/post IDs in the "Post ID's / name / title seperated by comma" textbox like "15,36,984,64,32,4,67,54,37....."

- Aakash